Panama rainy season

Most of the time diving the Gulf of Chiriqui during the rainy season isn’t a good idea due to poor weather conditions. Though, this team of Brazilian divers took their chances and had some success with mid-range trips to islands at about 25 miles offshore. Plenty of sashimi and smoked Pargo to go around! This trip was mainly about targeting the species you will see in the following photos:

A Look At Last Season

Last winter was the first full season for Spearfishing Panama.  Though there were some kinks to be figured out, it was a succesfull season with big fish and happy clients.  Many first time tunas were landed, as well as personal bests.  We had some truly incredible days out on The Hannibal Bank and around Isla Montuosa.  Many of our clients were lucky enough to bear witness to mother nature at her finest.  Giant schools of spinner dolphins with tuna in tow.  Bait balls as big as a house being picked to peices by apex predators, and dramatic underwater pinacles surrounded by dozens of different species of fish. The beauty surrounding Isla Montuosa and the area is unparralled.   Please enjoy the following collection of photos from this past season…….