Rod and a Rucksack Comes to Panama

The Crew from Gass Productions came down last week to shoot a episode about spearfishing for there series “Rod and a Ruckack” which will air on major networks in the US and the UK. We went out to Isla Montuosa for 6 days, and unfortuanetly the weather just would not cooperate. December’s weather down here can be a roll of the dice as it is the tail end of the rainy season. For us the dice did not roll in our favor, but we made the best of the trip and got some diving in as well as some Rod and Reel Fishing. We boated Amberjack, Trevally, Mullet snapper, Mahi Mahi, some small yellowfin and had a hook up with a billfish. I saw a nice wahoo on one of the highspots off of Montuosa, but they just didn’s seem to be around in numbers. The Crew from Gass (Andy, Guy and Dan) were a pleasure to be around and had some amazing stories from there travels in search of fish for the filming of there series. They are some truely talented characters, and i look foward to watching the series when it airs. You can check out there website at this link: Its also worth checking out the trailer from there first episode which aired on WFN in the US. Here is the link: Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more trip reports!

Another Quick Dinner Run

We hit up my favorite local spot again today to shoot some fish to put on the dinner table.  I love diving this spot when it is really murky, you never know what is going to materialize out of the gloom.  I was able to shoot three snook and a decent pargo. Nothing massive, but plenty of table fare for us and the neighbors.  We are going offshore for a week soon, so stay tuned for the trip report.

Morro Negrito Yellowfin Tuna in December

We are getting warmed up for the season over here at Morro Negrito. A Yellowfin was nailed right off the rocks at Morro Negrito! Despite the small size of the YFT,  this is worth mentioning as it is pretty rare to see yellowfin so close to Morro Negrito. Soon we will be on Hannibal Bank and Montuosa with trip reports of monster tunas being landed 60 miles offshore.