Gyotaku Promo Pack – Fish Prints – Panama

We will preserve that special fish. Whether it is a giant tuna or a colorful snapper, let us capture the moment for a lifetime in an artistic display. Roll-up your detailed fish print and take home to be mounted in your office or living room.

Tommy Ryan will be providing this service at the following rates:
$80 – Small fish (1-30 lbs)
$100 – Medium fish (31-60 lbs)
$l50 – Large fish (61-200 lbs)
TBD – Extra Large (200 lbs +)

fish-print-gyotaku-1 fish-print-gyotaku-2 fish-print-gyotaku-3 fish-print-gyotaku-4 fish-print-gyotaku-5 fish-print-gyotaku-6 fish-print-gyotaku-7

Ulusub rentals

SPEARFISHING PANAMA, ULUSUB, and @el_squid have teamed up yet again this year to offer you the best gear to help you land the fish of your dreams. We will have the 170 el bandito, and a couple of the popular 155’s available for rent along with 100ft bungee and 2 atmos floats. This is proven to be the best setup for landing Yellowfin Tuna on Hannibal Bank.
The rate for gun/bungee/float rental is $75/day.
If there is any other gear you need please ask and we can make sure to have it for you when you arrive.
Guns are available on a first come first serve basis, so let us know ASAP if you plan on renting.

See you on the bank soon,
Anthony Dooley (@el_squid)

ulusub-tuna ulusub-spearfishing ulusub-rent ulusub-rental ulusub tuna