Gyotaku Promo Pack – Fish Prints – Panama

We will preserve that special fish. Whether it is a giant tuna or a colorful snapper, let us capture the moment for a lifetime in an artistic display. Roll-up your detailed fish print and take home to be mounted in your office or living room.

Tommy Ryan will be providing this service at the following rates:
$80 – Small fish (1-30 lbs)
$100 – Medium fish (31-60 lbs)
$l50 – Large fish (61-200 lbs)
TBD – Extra Large (200 lbs +)

fish-print-gyotaku-1 fish-print-gyotaku-2 fish-print-gyotaku-3 fish-print-gyotaku-4 fish-print-gyotaku-5 fish-print-gyotaku-6 fish-print-gyotaku-7

Panama tuna report – April 9-12

The three days were spent mostly chasing dolphin as the big schools of tuna were not reported on the bank. Saturday we got into some really big fish but the water was dirty at 20′ and the fish were running fast and deep making it really hard to get a shot but we did see some fish in the 2-300 lb range.
On Sunday morning  Antonio jumped in on some slow moving dolphins about a mile off of Montuosa and ended up plugging a 115 pound beautiful yf on his first dive of the day. The water cleared up and we were seeing fish with the dolphin all throughout the day. Vis was around 40′.

Monday morning we were heading back to Morro Negrito after a really slow morning on the bank and looking for dolphin by Jicaron, and we ran into a huge baitball. Maysara from Qatar hit a giant fish with the Ulusub 170 5 band gun and the riffe 3 atmos took off and totally dissapeared for a good 10 seconds finally surfacing with the fish torn off. Capt Eric dropped Muhammad right in the middle of a massive baitball, but he said all the fish were small and moving too fast for him to shoot. Just at the end of the afternoon I jumped in and got in front of a wall of 60-100 pound fish and was able to land an 80 pounder. It was a fishy three days with hard work and less than ideal visibility but all in all great fishing.

Write-up and photos by Anthony Dooley (
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Spear tuna
Spear tuna
Pulling tuna into boat
Pulling tuna into boat
tuna blood bath
tuna blood bath
yellowfin tuna on boat
yellowfin tuna
Montuosa Beach
Montuosa beach