Guided Panama Spearfishing Trips

Some of the best spearfishing in the world can be found in Panama. Spearfishing in Panama offers a wide variety of species such as pargo (red snapper), wahoo, grouper, dorado, robalo (snook), giant yellowfin tuna and many others.

Panama is a safe place to travel for spearfishing. The country of Panama allows spearfishing under certain guidelines. Some of the agencies that watch over spearfishing are ARAP and ANAM. Various parts of Panama are off limits to spearfishing or require special permits. It is important to know where to go for spearfishing. Guided spearfishing trips allow for a safe and legal spearfishing experience. We make sure that the panama spearfishing laws are practiced and that all panama spearfishing permits are obtained before spearfishing panama waters.

Spearfishing Panama has been put together to guide and inform other spearos about spearfishing in Panama. Our guided spearfishing tours are based in the Chiriqui province of Panama. Currently we offer two packages: Morro Negrito spearfishing and Montuosa/Hannibal Bank spearfishing.

The Morro Negrito package is based on an island that is approximately 2 miles off the coast of Panama. Morro Negrito is world famous as a surf camp and has recently become more recognized as a top spearfishing destination. The accommodations at Morro Negrito are slightly better than camping. At Morro Negrito you will have running water, electricity, internet, public bathrooms and a bed. Three meals a day will be provided in a comunal eating area. Spearfishing from Morro Negrito allows a good location to select from various other islands for spearfishing. From Morro Negrito other islands such as islas secas, canales, isla silva de afuera, isla silva de adentro and isla montuosa can be easily reached. Please contact us concerning pricing.

The Montuosa package is for those who are adventurous. The island of Montuosa is located around 55 miles offshore and within minutes of blue water. Hannibal Bank is about a 15 minute boat ride from Montuosa. At Hannibal Bank there are large Yellowfin Tuna that will give you a fight to remember. Montuosa is very remote and therefore we camp on the island. The accommodations are extremely rugged, but it is worth being so close to so many large fish. Around Montuosa there are big pargo, wahoo, rainbowrunner, tuna, roosterfish and many other species. The Montuosa spearfishing trip comes complete with a dedicated staff, private cook, supply boats, guide, camping equipment and dive boat. It is important to realize that you will be maximizing your time in blue water. We are strategically located to give you optimal opportunities at killing a large yellowfin tuna. Please contact us concerning pricing.

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  1. I am looking for a trip next spring with two friends to Montuosa. When is the best time to come to maximize the chance for a big tuna. What is the price for a one week or two week trip. We will be coming from Japan. Thanks


  2. I would love to get some information about pricing and how the package works. I have been shopping around trying to see the best spearfishing packages. I want to purchase on for my fiance. It would be the two of us.

    Thank You!

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