Gyotaku Promo Pack – Fish Prints – Panama

We will preserve that special fish. Whether it is a giant tuna or a colorful snapper, let us capture the moment for a lifetime in an artistic display. Roll-up your detailed fish print and take home to be mounted in your office or living room.

Tommy Ryan will be providing this service at the following rates:
$80 – Small fish (1-30 lbs)
$100 – Medium fish (31-60 lbs)
$l50 – Large fish (61-200 lbs)
TBD – Extra Large (200 lbs +)

fish-print-gyotaku-1 fish-print-gyotaku-2 fish-print-gyotaku-3 fish-print-gyotaku-4 fish-print-gyotaku-5 fish-print-gyotaku-6 fish-print-gyotaku-7

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