Spearfishing In Panama

The Gulf of Chiriqui, located off the pacific coast of Panama, has some of the most prolific and unspoiled fishing grounds in the world. The area offers an unparalleled assortment of spearfishing locations, with a huge variety of game fish, from trophy size Robalo to world record size yellow fin tuna.

Inshore Spearfishing

The Gulf of Chiriqui has more islands on the pacific coast than almost any other country in Central America. These islands offer a wide variety of inshore game fish, as well as Pelagic species. Some of the many species that you will be targeting at our inshore spots include snapper, robalo, corvina, grouper, african pompano and mackeral.

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Blue Water Spearfishing

For the spearo looking for the thrill of a Blue Water hunt, we've got you covered! The Hannibal Bank, a meeting ground for some of the worlds largest pelagic fish, is located right in our backyard. Within a distance of just a few miles, the ocean depths quickly rise up from thousands of feet deep. The convergence of ocean going currents creates a upwelling effect which results in nutrient rich waters. While hunting the Hannibal Bank and its surrounding waters, expect to encounter large schools of big Yellow Fin Tuna, large Wahoo as well as trophy size Dorado. A short distance from The Hannibal Bank is the uninhabited and unspoiled island, Isla Montuosa. The fishery surounding Isla Montuosa is also rich with marine life. From huge Cubera Snapper to Massive Yellow Fin Tuna, the ecosystem around Montuosa is breath taking.

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